About Us

Some information about Cathy, the owner of The Finishing Touch Pet Boutique.


My name is Cathy A.T. Scallan. I am happily married living in Florida with my husband, three of my six grown children, two grandchildren, two Boxers and six cats!Cathy.A.T. Scallan

I am a huge animal lover and worked with animals for over 30 years as a professional pet groomer. I know what pet owners like to buy for their fur babies. I will be adding those items to this shop on a regular basis. I work with several suppliers and am always on the lookout for new unique items to offer to my customers. I look forward to building a good customer relationship with you. If you ever need help or have a question please send an email to sales@petboutique.thewellgroomedpet.com

You can also visit me at The Well Groomed Pet. This is my website dedicated to helping pet owners learn how to groom their pets at home.


Cathy’s Grooming Career


My NYSODG Diploma 1978

I graduated from the New York School of Dog Grooming in 1978.  And was immediately hired after graduation and worked as a groomer in a pet/grooming shop for several years.

I moved to Florida in 1983 and was hired at another pet/grooming shop. I groomed there for several more years until I had my second child in 1988.  Then I went to working part-time, mostly on the weekends.

After my fourth child was born I started to think about owning my own shop so that I could have my children with me.  When my daughter was two years old I opened Cathy’s Pet Palace a full line pet shop.  It was a very successful business that earned me a very nice full-time income.

Several years passed and a lot had changed in my life.  I had been through a divorce and now remarried.  We decided to sell the shop so I could stay home again and take full care of our now 6 children.  After a few years and the kids were a bit older I opened Cathy’s New York Style Pet Salon.  This was strictly a grooming shop with pet supplies.  I successfully ran this shop for several years until I became ill and could no longer do this kind of labor work. Sadly I had to sell this shop too.

I now work online to bring knowledge to pet lovers all over the world.

Enjoy your time shopping at The Finish Touch Pet Boutique,